Quilted or fur lined.

In the past we were wearing it in between seasons, but now it is becoming for women what the jacket has already became for metropolitan men: the one item you need to go out, no need of something else.

Quilted, fur lined, damask. Dawn trench, technical material trench.

It fits like a cherry on the cake in the nostalgic wave that hit the fashion industry. Today, other than inventing new solutions we retrieve from the past those that carry with them the weight of a story.

It was the road who appointed the trench as the must have piece of the season.

Dario Polatti fashion sociologist suggests:

“Wearing in winter a garment typically conceived for spring, is on one side the result of the new materials, but on the other is a way to transgress, to turn the rules upside down, take your distance from the seasonal dogma.

For those who wear it, the trench is all but a nostalgic garment".








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