Against my killer



(by Andrew MacKenzie)


Gallic “doc” profoundly tied to the traditions and culture of his homeland.

 Self-evolving in space and time in a manner both pushing and modern, with “Bad Boy” look. The 

 first,   the only, the best, in the interpretation of denim in the forms, in the volumes, in the

 treatments.  His Genoese canvas with a glamour violent and transgressive conquering for all time the 

 new generations. The young man is  Andrew MacKenzie. His pieces are masterpieces of

 architectonic  construction that brushing with art became “musts”.

 His personal evolution goes way back.

 At a young age he began exploring the world of fashion and of denim in particular in all its aspects;

 experimenting with it, both with shapes and its finishings.

 Perfect for:

 Javier Bardem: a wonderful actor, winner of many awards and of an Oscar for No country for old 


 Colin Firth: leading role in The king's speech

 Edward Norton: a versatile actor.



Ecofriendly cotton bomber jacket with inset back, two pockets, zip fastening. Jeans 5 tasche rivisitato, stretto in fondo ribattuto con sfrangiatura

Short sleeve jersey round neck print t-shirt.

Blue denim jeans, slim fit and low crotch. Double loop at the middle back, patch pockets.

V-neck hooded t-shirt with tho opening in the shoulders.

Jeans in washed blue denim, oversize, low crotch, saddle stitching, particular point used in leather goods.
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Against my killer Pant with pockets

Against my killer

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