JAMES 0706

 The collection "James 0706" born to re-invent and re-create the "Avant Garde" fashion environment.

 His taste, casual but refined, ensure the Brand in a position of contrast

 compared to the present Fashion scene, often characterized by a mass-heads and "disposable" culture.

  The design and realisation are completely "Made in Italy".

 The "JAMES 0706" element of pride is the high researched tissue finishing that,

 while having a minimal design, gives a impressive energy to its clothes.

 The logo is inspired by the Indie Club Culture. This environment is connected to the collection.

 Its must are the small applications to enhance the simplicity of some sweather.



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JAMES 0706 Pantalone cavallo basso

JAMES 0706

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Colours: Black

Size: 46 48 50

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