"US AGAINST THEM"  The extremists of Italy and the political T-shirt

Identity, belonging, challenge: the many uses of the T-shirt
And fighting the enemy becomes a transversal gadget
Public debate becomes a gigantic stadium
Everything on a t-shirt, we must cry out who we are, clarify to who "does not belong to us”,
that this is politics on a banner, Italy at the stadium.
Started years ago, the use of T-shirts in politics seemed like a good idea.
The “Calderoli" case in 2006 with its anti-Islamic T-shirt, which sparked strong riots and square revolts in Libya was symbolic.
Berlusconi received the embrace of the crowd in Benevento with the t-shirt "President we are with you."
Last occurrence, at the PD Party convention, printed with the phrase "I am not a woman at your disposal" that famous phrase Rosi Bindi answered Berlusconi when on the Porta a Porta TV show he told her "you are more beautiful than intelligent." 


Double take: Adriano Panatta and director Mimmo Calopresti on the set of "The red T-shirt" documentary film.

And?  The history of the T-shirt?
"The flash that comes to mind and that makes me laugh like crazy is the upset face of Paolo Bertolucci telling me:
"You're crazy. If all goes well, they will shoot us.  And if they don’t, I don’t want to think about it.
I told him everything.
In the end we put the T-shirt on and we won in red.
I have a vivid memory of the embarrassment of our opponents.
In the film, the sequence created by Calopresti provides beautiful and strong emotions.” 





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