The semi rigid felt hat (from the piedmontese and Lombard lobia: name of the covered gallery of modest houses) also owes its success to the deputy Cristiano Lobbia (1826-1878) who was wearing it.





Cristiano Lobbia was a famous patriot, he joined the 1848 insurrections against the Austro-Hungarians
He took part in the “Thousands” undertaking where he distinguish himself for his qualities.
He was elected deputy and he was reargued for his bellicose spirit.

His most famous battle, the “Tobacco monopoly scandal”, revealed a system of bribes of which he had the actual proof. He was attacked with stick. They said he made it all up and he was accused of simulation of offence.
Lobbia entered the Parliament with the bowler that he was wearing the evening of the aggression which was showing a hollow in the middle due to the strike of the stick.
A Florentine hatter started producing a hat in the Lobbia’s style giving origin to the famous headdress.
He was fully acquitted and rehabilitated but all these sorrows led his to die a few months later at the early age of fifty-two.


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