About us

DressSpace.com is the online store where you can buy the clothing and collections for women and men produced by Vulpinari, at competitive prices, directly from the manufacturer to your house.

Vulpinari is a clothing company that produces total look collections for fashion cutting-edge designers: Rick Owens, Nicholas & Mark, Andrew MacKenzie, Angelos Frentzos, Vivia Ferragamo, Jan & Carlos, Lumen et Umbra and Issei Fujita.

Our strength is its great experience in realizing high quality items:
men's coats and women's coats, capes, men's jackets and women's jackets, men's pants and women's pants, dresses, men's knitwear and women's knitwear as cardigans, sweaters, vests, men's t-shirts and women's t-shirt, men's tanks and women's tanks, men's accessories and women's accessories  as scarves, gloves, caps, balaclavas and other Fashion accessories. With an evergreen view, the research is beyond trends and time.

One of its “musts” is knitwear and the realization of products in jersey and wool: cashmere, merino, angora, alpaca, mohair.

Against my killer - Alberto Incanuti - Angelos-Frentzos - Delphine Wilson - Domingo Rodriguez - Giulio Bondi - JAMES 0706 - Jan & Carlos - Lumen et umbra - Marc Point - MarcandcraM - Nicolas & Mark - Project-Frentzos - Rick Owens - T-skin - Vic-Torian - Ysack