About Us

The origins



Vulpinari is an historic Italian company founded in 1930, originally as a tailor’s shop, It was run  until the 60’s by its founder Giuseppe Vulpinari, with the support of his wife Brigida Santoni and the rest of the family, particularly the two daughters Maria Gabriella and Paola , assisted by a host of highly skilled employees. By 1969, the new generations’ innovative approach brought a significant shift in terms of the product and a more specialized production process which resulted in the manufacture of coordinated knitwear.
The painstaking approach and level of craftsmanship going into each garment, supported by a rigorous research process and a sharp eye for new trends represent the main defining elements of the product range.
Sartorial creations of the highest quality have been made possible by the care, accuracy and attention to detail. This are defined by the constant use of the finest fabrics such as silks, wools and lace skilfully combined with the use of accessories the likes of pearls and embroideries.
In reality, what really makes Vulpinari special is their professionalism and dedication, the passion and love for their work shown by everyone involved in the production process.
They cooperate in a synergistic way, converging all their energies into the creation of a product which embodies the very idea of  the “Made in Italy”.


Commercial development


Italy remained the main target market for Vulpinari until the end of the 80’s  when, under the expert guidance of Enrico Calgarini, The company embarked on an expansion push into untapped foreign markets.
To satisfy the demands of a much wider international market and in order to guarantee a service and a product of the highest level , significant adjustments to the production processes had to be introduced. This changes resulted in the introduction of three distinct product ranges aimed at  different market segments. The evergreen, contemporary Vulpinari was supported with the introduction in 1991 of a younger and more dynamic Via Verdi range and then with the further addition in 1993 of the Rabaya label aimed at a more exclusive niche market.
It was only in 1994 though that the real significant change took place, with the arrival into the company of the family’s third generation, in the figure of Marco Maria Vulpinari Golfieri  and whose contribution was instrumental in enlisting the help and collaborations of emerging talents the likes of ANGELOS FRENTZOS, NICOLAS & MARK, RICK OWENS, NICOLO’ CESCHI BERRINI,SIHNA STANIC, AGAINST MY KILLER, SWASH, JAN & CARLOS, CLARE TOUGH, NORIO NAKANISHI, T-SKIN, DELPHINE WILSON e CRISTIAN LUPPI, MARC POINT , L.V..N .


360 degrees research


The work in partnership with an international list of designers represents what could be defined as a syncretistic approach to the reconciliation of different trends and schools of thought, defined by creatively diverse styles and languages, with the purpose to create an identity and captivate a global market which recognizes itself in a multiethnic melting pot.
This idea of pushing the boundaries, both geographically and physically, identifies itself with a strong interest in e-fashion and which is realized through the creation of a team of young professionals lead by Mirco Orecchini with the assistance of Rocco Franchino in his sales executive  role, Desire’ Forni as business executive  and Paolo Domeniconi as administrative executive.
The “DressSpace” e-store’s opening in 2007 represents a milestone for this project supported by advertising and brand awareness campaigns.
It is not by chance that the efforts of Diego Grossi , responsible for the American market, express a willingness to constantly improve and build on an already remarkable wealth of experience, through a painstaking market and artistic research in New York, providing a constant updating and a great source of inspiration from a place that continuously breathes new life into fashion and  is the birthplace of countless, great trends.

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