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Every EUR 50.00, you can choose a free gift.


 DRESSSPACE offers our clients the opportunity of receiving as a gift some sample clothing creations. 
 The prototypes are designed by the stylists for the various collections. 
 They are manufactured by our Styling Office with complete compliance to the stylistic idea. 
 Manufactured one by one outside of the production line. 
 Manufactured “slow fashion” by our best samplers.
 Every three years we are presented with the necessity of lightening the archive. 
 Clearly these are unique articles.
 Clearly they are not perfect.
 Clearly the size is not regular.
 Clearly we greatly regret discarding them.

 We must lighten the archive ……….

Against my killer - Alberto Incanuti - Angelos-Frentzos - Delphine Wilson - Domingo Rodriguez - Giulio Bondi - Jan & Carlos - Lumen et umbra - Nicolas & Mark - Nicolò Ceschi Berrini - Project-Frentzos - Rick Owens - T-Shirt - T-skin - Vic-Torian