Silente revalues clothes as a form of expression in creative research. Sensitive to vintage, to eco-sustainable fashion, a passion for re-use, the logic of the single piece of clothing, love of hand-made, principles guided by an approach based on looking for materials. On the sub-division of experience in dressing. A starting point for the regeneration of shapes where whoever wishes to wear them can.

Francesca Iaconisi fashion designer and creator of SILENTE. The 28-year old trained at Rimini-based ZoneModa. Her research drove her to wander about local street markets to find old remnants, tablecloths, sheets, and vintage clothes to destructure turning in into the trademark of her collection "Silente". Thus every item is unique und unleashes magic that carries you away into other times and places. The collections do not follow standard canons, but special moulds: large skirts, loose, comfortable clothes characterize femininity accentuaded by a taste of retro and old country England, with a romanticism that we are no longer used to. Every label tells the story of its item: dates, names, research places and details testify the transformations, and following alterations, every item of clothing isn't only an object, the result at the end of a process, it is the process itself precious because it has its own.





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