Why is it so easy to make a mistake after 30?

“Men make mistakes in selecting the denim” has explained Dan Pres to the New York Times, director of Details, a magazine for men.

“Many still have in their mind the old jeans, but the body has changed, as well as the styles and volumes – says Fabrizio Landriscina, 42 years old, person in charge for the jeans wear department at the Rinascente store – the sons of the baby boom are the most awkward ones: they tend to wear the denim fitting it up at the waist as if they were normal trousers, looking funny the way they wear”.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money, it is necessary they fit you. Women know it very well: wearing jeans is the most cruel way to have the idea of the shape you have. Men are much easier and the result is evident: crimped around the waist, buggy on the back and around the legs.

But how to chose the right pair of jeans?

“Before following the trends, it is first of all necessary to feel at your ease – continues the fashion designer – the slim-legged jeans fit well the most young-looking people, with slim and long legs. As far as all the others are concerned, it is better the cigarette-shaped leg. The bottom side could be tighter for a more country effect or turn-up for a dandy style. The waist is fitted low. The secret is to combine them with your wardrobe, preventing the mistake done by certain bank clerks who combine a ripped pair of jeans with elegant shoes. The dark blue jeans, with a clean cut, combined with a jacket and a tie, as Armani suggests, is the ideal one for the medium-sized man”.




Dark blue, with a smooth cut but not buggy, with a waist height neither low nor high.

This is the perfect jeans of Harrison Ford in “Extraordinary Measures”.






We all know that the tight one fit young people only, but the contrary runs the risk to become an own goal: the buggy style jeans make lose even a sex symbol, as Johnny Depp, bulky. Just imagine the others.










They are coming back: the new trends see more turned-up jeans than the other kinds. In summer they reveal the naked foot, in winter a special shoe, dandy style.

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